Medication Supply Issues


Medications with reported supply issues

Testosterone Gel (2022)
Ozempic and other GLP-Inhibitors (2023)
Tresiba Flexpen (2023)

Replens vaginal Moisturiser

Alternative: Yes VM vaginal moisturiser

Estring vaginal delivery system

Updated Dec 2023 - Estring® 7.5micrograms/24hours vaginal delivery system is out of stock until February 2024, with intermittent availability expected until November 2024. • 

Alternative estradiol or estriol preparations Active Ingerdient Dose
Vagirux vaginal tablet Estradiol 10 mcg One vaginal tablet daily for 2 weeks followed by maintenance dose of 1 vaginal tablet twice weekly
2 weeks followed by
maintenance dose of
One vaginal tablet twice a
Vagifen vaginal tablet
Estradiol vaginal tablet 10mcg
Imvaggis pessary Estriol 30mcg 1 pessary daily for the first three weeks then 1 pessary twice weekly
Estriol cream 0.01% Estriol 100mcg/g 1 applicator per day until restoration of vaginal mucosa has been achieved then maintenance dose of one applicator full twice a week 
Estriol cream 0.1%  Estriol 1000mcg/g 1 appliation per day for first weeks (max 4 weeks) followed by a graual reduction based on relief of symptoms until 1 application twice weekly

Testosterone gel/sachet

Tostran gel pump   Testogel pump   Testim gel (discontinued Dec 2023)   Testogel sachets
20mg/g (2%)   16.2mg/g   50mg/tube   50mg/sachet
10mg 1 pump                  
20mg    2 pumps   20.25mg  1 pump            
30mg 3 pumps         25mg 0.5 tube   25mg 0.5 sachet
40mg 4 pumps   40.5mg 2 pumps            
50mg   5 pumps         50mg/tube 1 tube   50mg 1 sachet
60mg 6 pumps   60.75mg 3 pumps            
70mg   7 pumps         75mg 1.5 tubes   75mg 1.5 sachets
      81mg 4 pumps            
                  100mg 2 sachets

The GLP1-RA Problem:

There is an ongoing national shortage of glucagon like peptde-1 receptor agonists (GLP-1 RAs) used in the management of Type 2 Diabetes (T2DM). This situation is not expected to resolve until mid2024. Supplies of some GLP-1 RA preparations may be intermittent or exhausted within this timeframe. Although other GLP-1 RA therapies may be available, it is possible there will be insufficient additional capacity to accommodate switching everyone with T2DM currently prescribed an affected GLP-1 RA to an alternative brand.

 The following advice has been issued from DHSC for the period:

What are the medications involved: 
Semagutide (Ozempic)
Exenatide (Bydureon)
Dulaglutide (Trulicity)
Liraglutide (Victoza)

  • Avoid initiating people with Type 2 Diabetes on GLP-1 RAs for the duration of the GLP-1 RA national shortage.
  • Review the need for prescribing a GLP-1 RA agent and stop treatment if no longer required due to not achieving desired clinical effects as per NICE NG28.
  • Avoid switching between brands of GLP-1 RAs, including between injectable and oral forms.
  • Where a higher-dose preparation of GLP-1 RA is not available, do not substitute by doubling up a lower-dose preparation.
  • Proactively identify patients established on the affected preparation and consider prioritising for review based on the criteria below.
  • Where an alternative glucose-lowering therapy needs to be considered, use the principles of shared decision making as per NICE guidelines in conjunction with the Supporting information below.
  • Support people with Type 2 Diabetes to access structured education and weight management programmes where available.
  • Order stocks sensibly in line with demand during this time, limiting prescribing to minimise risk to the supply chain whilst acknowledging the needs of the patient.
  • Offer lifestyle advice
  • Review patients on GLP-1RA and stop if not achieving effects or not diagnosed.

The solution - At our practice we are doing the following:

We have been informed that the following will be able to deal with the expected increased demand:

  • Intermediate - HumulinI KwikPen
  • Basal Toujou U300 Solostar pen
  • Mixed Insulin Humulin M3 Kwik pen

 This is the leaflet we are sharing with our patients: 


Tresiba Flexpen

Tresiba® (insulin degludec) FlexTouch® 100units/ml solution for injection 3ml pre-filled pens will be inshortage with an anticipated re-supply date of January 2024. 

  • Do NOT initiate new patients with Tresiba® FlexTouch 100 units/ml pre-filled pens.
  • Switch patients to Tresiba® PENFILL 3ml cartridges and prescribe a compatible reusable pen device (NovoPen® 6 or NovoPen Echo Plus®) OR
  • Switch from Tresiba 100 units FlexTouch pre-filled PEN to Tresiba 200 units FlexTouch pre-filled PEN -  DO NOT advise the patient to half the dose - the Tresiba® 200 units FlexTouch® pre-filled pen dials the dose in 2 unit increments instead of 1 unit increments. Note, the dose window shows the number of insulin units to be delivered and so no dose conversion is needed regardless of the strength of the Tresiba® FlexTouch pre-filled pen.



Permethrin 5% w/w cream

  • Clinicians in primary and secondary care should refer to UKHSA guidance on the management of scabies cases and outbreaks in long-term care facilities and other closed settings including the appropriate infection prevention and control measures with advice on cleaning of clothing and bedding.
  • Where scabies has been diagnosed and where individuals have been confirmed as contactsb , UKHSA has advised that existing stock of permethrin 5% cream should be reserved for these patients.
  • If licensed permethrin 5% cream is unavailable, prescribe unlicensed permethrin 5 % cream.
  • Where permethrin 5% cream is unavailable, consider prescribing unlicensed special-order benzyl benzoate 25% emulsion if locally available.
  • If both alternatives are unavailable, consider prescribing unlicensed ivermectin 3mg tablets. Ivermectin tablets are now a licensed product, although sources like the BNF, CKS, and UKHSA guidance have yet to update to reflect this, and still describe oral ivermectin as an unlicensed product.
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