Example Referral Letter to Specialist for Advice


Referral to Lithium Specialist

Subject: Request for Advice on Treatment with Lithium: Abnormal Blood Test Results

Dear [Specialist's Name],

I hope this email finds you well. I am reaching out to seek your advice and guidance regarding a patient under my care.

I am a general practice pharmacist and have been treating a 45-year-old patient, Mr. John Doe, for bipolar disorder for several years now. Mr. Doe has been stable on lithium therapy, and his condition has significantly improved since the initiation of this treatment. However, his most recent blood test results have shown that his lithium levels are now out of the recommended range.

Considering the importance of maintaining therapeutic levels, I would greatly appreciate your assistance in choosing the most appropriate course of action in this particular case. Having reviewed Mr. Doe's medical history, I believe that your specialised knowledge regarding lithium therapy would greatly contribute to optimizing his treatment plan.

Please find attached Mr. Doe's recent blood test results, which clearly indicate an abnormality in his lithium levels. While his symptoms have not worsened, I am concerned about the potential long-term consequences of uncontrolled lithium levels. Therefore, I seek your expert opinion to guide us in this challenging situation.

Specifically, I would be grateful if you could address the following areas:

1. Assessment of the current situation: In light of the abnormal lithium levels, what are the potential risks and implications for Mr. Doe's overall health and well-being? What factors might have contributed to the sudden deviation from the optimal lithium range?

2. Adjustment of the treatment plan: Based on your expertise and clinical experience with lithium therapy, what modifications to the dosage or frequency of lithium administration would you recommend? Are there any alternative treatment options we should consider?

3. Monitoring and follow-up: How often should we repeat blood tests to ensure Mr. Doe's lithium levels return to the recommended range? What are the key indicators we should track to assess the effectiveness of any treatment adjustments?

I understand the demands on your time, but I truly value your professional opinion and the potential impact it can have on Mr. Doe's quality of life. If more information or documentation is required, I am readily available to provide it promptly.

Thank you in advance for your guidance and support in addressing this challenging situation. I look forward to your valuable insights and collaborating with you to ensure optimal care for Mr. Doe.

Wishing you continued success in your practice.

Shilpa Patel
Lead Prescribing Pharmacist 
WellBN Surgery
Pharmacist Shilpa Patel

Shilpa Patel

Lead Presscribing Pharmacist and GP partner at WellBN

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